Is A Standby Generator An Investment?

Our society is exceptionally reliant on electricity. Everything from the batteries in our phone to some cars requires electricity to get them up and running. This means that when the power goes out, we can feel very lost and confused. Unfortunately, storms happen all the time and can at any point knock the power out, and sometimes it can take hours and hours to get the electricity back up and running. As the weather seems to be worsening across the planet, it makes more sense than ever to purchase a generator and be prepared for those pesky blackouts. Here are a few reasons to invest in a generator:

A Blackout can Happen Without Warning

An emergency usually happens when we least expect it, and it doesn’t always have to be a result of bad weather. Unfortunately, our power grid infrastructure lacks quality as most of the grid is now over fifty years old. There are miles and miles of cables and lines that are subject to erosion or could be destroyed by plants and animals at any moment. Not to mention the storms and various other detrimental weather conditions. A generator will give you that peace of mind that in an emergency. You can still have a running fridge where your food won’t get destroyed, and you can even enjoy a cup of coffee.  

A Digital World

Everyone has a smartphone and many other devices to boot. In addition, many people now work from home. In the event of a blackout, if you do not have any backup electricity generation, you may well be cut off from the world. Furthermore, if you work from home, you will not be able to do your job either. This is not an ideal circumstance. 

The Value of Your Home

This is especially true if you live in an area that suffers from frequent power outages. A potential buyer will be willing to pay a little extra for the peace of mind a generator can offer. In addition, if the area you live in has many overhead lines, then the potential for a loss of power is relatively great and can help sway a buyer. If you do not suffer from many outages, a generator will be seen as a nice-to-have item rather than an essential item. But generally speaking, it will still increase the value of your home.

You Can Protect a Second Home

If you purchase a standby generator for your second home, you are able to protect it from potential freezing, for example, should the power go out. 

Peace of Mind

The primary value of a standby generator is in the peace of mind it offers. Blackouts happen, and they are likely to happen a lot more in the future as weather conditions such as storms and lighting get worse. Even scorching temperatures can affect power lines, so a generator is a great tool to keep the lights on and keep your mind at ease.

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